“Zammiluni” (Cover Me)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbUAiVro_xU]

I wanted to direct my own short narrative video for a long time. I had a little taste of it with my collaboration with Umar Mita, but I didn’t get a full grip of it. I kept on postponing on making one. Of course, with procrastination, comes excuses.

I believe in the concept of learning with experience. If I don’t start, then how am I going to get experience?

Everything has to start somewhere.

So one day, while driving to Ottawa, I got an idea for a short video. I was driving, so I told my friend to take down some notes for me so that I don’t forget. I ran the idea by my friend, Qayyum, because the idea involved a husband and a wife. Since he is recently married, I thought this would be a good opportunity. He agreed and his wife agreed to it too.

I revised my notes with another friend, just to get a fresh perspective on the idea. We refined the concept together, I gathered a few extras to help me out, we all went to the university to shoot the video, and the video above is the result of 1.5 hours of shooting.

The idea behind the video stemmed from the story of Prophet Muhammad and his beloved wife, Khadijah. When the Prophet was so scared after he received the first revelation, he ran to Khadijah and said to her, “Zammiluni!”, which means “cover me”.

What better expression is there to describe a marriage?