You should not ask, “Why me?”

When you talk to many, many people and listen to their problems, you start to notice similar patterns. Certain kinds of words or phrases appear in their daily vocabulary that seem to make their problems worse.

Among them is the question,

Why me?

I am not saying that the question is wrong. It is not. It is understandable to ask the question when problems arises, especially problems that are so heavy you feel like you can’t handle it. The question is tempting to ask and it sits on our tongue in difficult times.

But, it is not the question to ask, especially if you want to persevere and move forward. It is the question to ask if you want to sink deeper in misery. Because asking “why me?” implies that you shouldn’t be the one getting the problems.

Why me? Why not someone else?

In the moment of difficulty, there is a tendency for our mind to go off track. We may not be thinking clearly when we are emotionally unstable. Hence, it is understandable that we may forget Who gave the problems to us.

Allah, The Most Wise, gave the problems to you.

God does not burden any soul with more than it can bear… (Qur’an, 2:286)

You may not believe that you are capable of handling it. But evidently, you are capable. Otherwise, Allah won’t give it to you.

“Why me?” is not the question you should ask. You should ask,

Why not?

Bring it on.