Stand Out!

The Malaysian Students Association of South Korea invited me to share some knowledge via livestream. The title given to the livestream event was “Stand Out!” and with that, they gave me two topics to cover:

1. How to speak with confidence
2. Everyone can be a vlogger
Poster designed by the organizer

Of course, I am no expert. I did my best to share any amount of knowledge I have from the experiences I’ve gathered. 

The plan was for me to broadcast live and record the session at the same time. But, silly me, towards the end of the session I realized that I forgot to click on the “Start Record” button so the livestream ended without any recording to refer back to. 
I apologize for that. 
Therefore, I would like to share the notes that I’ve prepared before the livestream as reference and hopefully,  my notes will benefit those who did not attend the livestream. 
This is the actual notes that I used for the livestream. Of course, I added a few points here and there for clarity. For those who did attend, please share whatever that you have learned (if any) so that others may benefit Insha Allah. 
Stand Out!

How to speak with confidence

1. How to speak…

a) Know your material
b) Know your audience
c) Know your medium
d) Know yourself – your own distinct style (stand out!)

2. …with confidence

a) Vicious cycle: To have confidence, you need experience. To have experience, you need to start doing it. To start doing it, you need confidence.

Confidence: The Vicious Cycle

b) Solution? Gather all your courage and just do it. No easy way, no short cut. The first step is the hardest, but it’s worth it.

Everyone can be a vlogger

1. Yes, everyone CAN be a vlogger…

a) All you need is a good camera, good audio, good setup, video editing software, and internet connection – you’re done!

b) Camera – one that can shoot in HD, no need for an expensive camera.

c) Audio – speak clearly, use external mic if possible.

d) Setup – find a place with adequate lighting and little to no background noises.

e) Video editing software – iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker (what I used for my earlier videos).

f) Internet connection – upload on Youtube (potential to reach large audience).

2. …but, vlogging is not for everyone

a) Try it out. If it fits your personality, then do continue.

b) We need more people actively engaging with the community (especially Muslim females) and we need more people with varying personalities (different people attract different crowd).

c) ONE CONDITION: Be mindful of Islamic limits.

Screenshot of the livestream. Credits to @aishariduan