Sincerity is a Battlefield

Someone asked, “With this work that you do, how do you guard your heart to remain sincere?”

To be honest, I cannot recall a moment when I have a few minutes of pure sincerity. It is something that I am struggling with constantly, especially since I am known to a lot of people now. My heart can’t stay still but I try my best to always be aware of when my heart is going somewhere it’s not supposed to.

What’s The Point?

I always fear that I am not sincere, but I am hopeful. I don’t fear it too much up to a point where I don’t do anything at all. Some people might say, “What’s the point of doing it if you’re not sincere?” I beg to differ.

Doing what you should do and pursuing sincerity must go hand in hand, not one after the other.

Don’t Just Wait

I believe that sincerity is something that you pursue and not something that you wait for. If you wait for it, it will not come. It is a target. Hence, you have to go to it. Sincerity requires a lot of effort and constant reminders. Therefore, I constantly have to remind myself and I surround myself with people of reminders.


I believe that to remain sincere is my biggest struggle, until the day I die.

The nature of the heart is that it tosses and turns. One of the du’as that our Prophet taught us is this, “O Turner of Hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion.”