Ramadan Reflection Day 13: It’s Time To Wake Up

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One of my Ramadan goals this year is to sleep less and I am still struggling with it. There were times when I might be sleeping more (Astaghfirullah).

I expect from myself more than I expect from anyone else because I know my limits and I know that I can do better. Even if I have reached my limits, I might be able to push those limits. So I am more strict with myself than I am with anyone else (but not to a point of self-harm).

That doesn’t mean that I want to be productive 24/7, because I know that’s not possible. Sometimes we need to chill. But when the chilling goes overboard, then I have to stop and recalibrate myself.

I can’t sleep all day, wake up for prayers, and eventually wake up for Iftar (break fast). That’s just madness.

That’s not fasting. I will not settle for that.

I think to myself what were the attitude of the Prophet and his Companions during this month and I can pretty much summarize it in this sentence – they took a lot less and they gave a lot more.

They went on hyperdrive (but not overdrive) in the month of Ramadan. Just because they didn’t eat and drink, that didn’t make them heavy, slow, and lazy. They went about their days just like any other months. If anything, they were better in Ramadan than any other months!

Oh, and lets not forget, they lived in the desert! I have AC.

If that’s not incredible enough, remember that the Battle of Badr happened in Ramadan and the mighty 313 Muslims (who was fasting FYI) defeated an army of  1,000 strong.

When I reflect upon the life of the Prophet and the Companions, I seldom find myself incapable of making any excuses.

I can’t say “I can’t” while knowing that I can.

Ramadan is an opportunity, and it is a fleeting opportunity. So I can’t afford to sleep my way through it.

I should go out of Ramadan a better person. Each Ramadan should bring an improvement to my life. But how many Ramadans have I lived through? Am I still the same person after all those Ramadans?

Ramadan is the time for me to wake up and do more. Indeed there is more work to be done.

I shouldn’t settle for anything less than my very best.

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  1. yes.you are right.i just being slapped by your words “But how many Ramadans have I lived through? Am I still the same person after all those Ramadans?”


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