Public Shaming: Shame On Us

All the videos about people doing stupid things shouldn’t be uploaded at all. In fact, they shouldn’t even be recorded.

A person who does something stupid, especially during moments of anger, will almost always regret it afterwards. We all know how that feels because we’ve all been there.

All we want at that moment is to ask forgiveness and move on.

How on earth can a person move on if his/her stupidity is being recorded, uploaded, and shared all over the internet? To make matters worse, people are negatively commenting on the video.

Is this going to make things better? Honestly?

Instead of recording, how about helping instead?

Let us prevent things from escalating by putting an end to it right there and then, instead of whipping out our smartphone and recording it while giggling, thinking that it’s going to be viral.

Yes, it will most probably be viral. Congrats, we got what we wanted.

On top of that, we became the culprit that initiated the public shaming on that poor individual, who in the heat of the moment, succumbed to his/her human weakness.

I’m not saying what the person did isn’t wrong – most of the time, it is. But don’t make his/her one second of wrong becomes his/her one lifetime of shame.

If we don’t want our moment of stupidity to go viral, then we should wish the same for others; they don’t want their moment of stupidity to go viral too.

We’ve done stupid things ourselves. We’re just lucky that nobody with a smartphone was watching.

Shame on us.

Don’t record. Don’t upload. Don’t share.

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