Unbreakable: How to Prepare Yourself for a Strong Relationship

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An online class about what to prepare before beginning the journey of commitment and responsibilities. The online class is pre-recorded and divided into short video lessons based on sub-topics. Previously known as I CHOOSE YOU.

By the end of this class, students should be able to:

  • Have a clear vision of the kind of realistic marriage you want, based on the principles you hold.
  • Know a few essential skills you need to maintain a healthy real relationship.
  • Understand the decision making process and the wisdom of Istikharah.

Duration: 172 minutes
Language: Mixed (English & Malay)


1.1 Objectives of the Class (3:10)


2.1 Choosing Your Relationship (7:06)
2.2 Choosing Your Life Principles (17:16)
2.3 Choosing For Your Children (10:07)


3.1 Physical Preparations (21:33)
3.2 Intellectual Preparations (8:30)
3.3 Emotional Preparations (22:06)
3.4 Spiritual Preparations (7:59)
3.5 Be Prepared, Don’t Be Ready (6:02)


4.1 Decision Making Step 1: Think (18:05)
4.2 Decision Making Step 2: Discuss (15:46)
4.3 Decision Making Step 3: Istikharah (8:11)
4.4 When You Don’t Get What You Wanted (7:51)


5.1 A Letter to Yourself (8:45)
5.2 Q&A (9:37)

9 reviews for Unbreakable: How to Prepare Yourself for a Strong Relationship

  1. Syuhadah

    This class is really help me to understand the concept of understanding ourself and marriage

  2. Ain

    would give infinite stars n thumbs up !

  3. N. Haizan A. Rahman

    Highly recommend, for those yang masih mencari atau yg ada pilihan atau saja nak isi masa lapang. Ilmu yang sangat-sangat berguna. Aiman is very helpful & tentative. Isi kandungan yang mantap

  4. Izah Asmadi

    to my surprise, this class helped me to learn about myself more. it is much more crucial than just finding who i want to be married to. setting the goals and visualization really helped me to filter out those I dont need in my life. his filter technique is saving me a lot of time to experiment the uncertainty. thank you for creating this course!

  5. mirara (verified owner)

    Seriously a very clear explanation and straight forward direction in preparing ourselve to be in a serious relationship. No need to waste our time and energy for the unnecessary thing outside this specific guideline. Thank you Aiman.
    Thumbs up👍👍👍

  6. tqah (verified owner)

    Highly recommended!!!!! especially for those who start to think about the marriage or for who don’t know how to start for a serious relationship or even for who don’t know what can be done to prepare ourself for marriage based on islamic guidelines.

  7. Hariz (verified owner)

    It is a definitely a beneficial course, which will help and guide you on how to pursue marriage. It also highlighted some issues / angles that I’ve never thought before, yet so relevant to the topic. An eye-opener. Just would like to suggest to Aiman, to add more on what expectations and reality of life after marriage in the course. Just so that the bachelor people like me, may have some picture of how marriage would look like.

    Anyway, it is fantastic. I would surely recommend the course to anyone especially those who wants or plan to get married.

  8. Nadhrah (verified owner)


    The course makes you think deeply and honestly about YOUR preparation before marriage based on your OWN life’s principles.

    It is a really informative course, Aiman Azlan will guide you through the process of knowing yourself, setting your own KPI. Then it outlined the steps to gauge your potential suitors for marriage based on your principles and preferences. And it teaches you about the true meaning of Istikharah ; to go on with a decision, deal with rejection and move on and have complete trust and hope to Allah in any kind of circumstances.

    If you are planning on to get married, don’t know where to start, or you are done getting your heart break with all of the emotional damage. Save the headache. Buy the course, do the worksheets, LISTEN, THINK DEEPLY , STRATEGIZE and GO GET IT! Good luck everyone!


  9. Aishah Baith (verified owner)

    What I love about this class is how it tackles the most important thing first – to know ourselves and what we really want in a marriage. Not some lovey dovey romantic movie. I learned a lot about myself in the KPI activity.

    I would appreciate more examples for the first lesson – “I choose you”. The 4 bubbles seem a bit confusing. It would be great if you could show more examples in each bubble. It would be great as well to have more explanation for the letter to self – explanation for each of the subheadings. I am still trying to figure out what is supposed to be the content for them.

    All in all, I really enjoyed this class and it really helped me understand the kind of preparation one needs to do for marriage. This is not something people usually talk about in different marriage lectures.

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