24 Hours: How to Design a Life You Want and Need

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An online class about how to help the youth plan their life according to what they want their life to become. The online class is pre-recorded and divided into short video lessons based on sub-topics.

By the end of this class, students should be able to:

  • Know your career options through exploring your skills and interests (self-analysis).
  • Have a sense of direction with regards to what you want to do with your life (goal-setting).
  • Get your life in order to enable you to get closer to your life goals (time management).

Duration: 75 minutes
Language: Mixed (English & Malay)


1.1 Objectives of the Class (1:09)


2.1 What are Your Skills? (5:56)
2.2 What are Your Interests? (4:28)
2.3 What are Your Career Options? (8:05)


3.1 What are Your Goals? (9:27)
3.2 Your Life Goals are Yours (2:36)


4.1 How to Create More Time for Your Goals (9:38)
4.2 How to Create Your Own Unique Schedule (6:50)
4.3 How to Create a To-do List That Fits Your Lifestyle (4:30)


5.1 Your Life Depends on Your Days (2:13)
5.2 Q&A (20:50)

4 reviews for 24 Hours: How to Design a Life You Want and Need

  1. Aina Hanani (verified owner)

    The online class was very systematic, such as the arrangement of each videos & the template provided. It helped the user to navigate easily.

    In addition, The topic of the course was very eye-opening for me because I can see many changes made since I joined it. The first change I saw was that I became more clear of the direction of where I am going in life. Before this, I often ‘jump’ from one decision/opportunity to another, without having a bigger picture in mind, thus, it made me feel doubtful of my decisions because it was unclear ‘why’ I made it for. Now, I felt more certain in my decisions and I felt like I can now navigate life’s decisions with a more objective mind, therefore,reducing the doubt I felt with a more confident approach. Another change I see is that I felt more optimistic, inspired & excited, everyday because the course helped me to see a higher vision in life, and a higher purpose for the benefit of society. In addition, I also see changes in the way I perceive life. I start to replace my time from short-term gain (entertainment) to long-term gain (knowledge). I also created a time to work on my ‘passion project’. Finally, I felt like-this course was a game-changer for me because it was a reason for me to believe and keep moving forward. It really changed me, and I believe that more youths out there would find that it helpful too.

  2. Nurul

    Today, my next day to execute the to-do list and time trackers. Frankly, I’m not great at supervising my time. however, after I’m applying this techniques, it assists me to traces my journey and positively aroused to obey the schedules. At first, I’m quite a perfectionist and almost lose courage in the middle of the day because of overlapping my schedules but I love the mantra on the class, 50% better than 0. Alhamdulillah thank you so much for the online class and looking for next class another discount. 😂, I will purchase ” I choose you” soon..since I hate being rejected and will try to overcome using istikharah technique.

  3. Nurnasuha Kassim (verified owner)

    Alhamdulillah, I have already finished the class and it was very good. I learn a lot about how to set our goal, how to use our time wisely, and most importantly to start taking action now. Thank you Bro Aiman for a great class. I’m looking forward to your future classes.👍 👍 👍

  4. Siti Aishah Abd Baith Azman (verified owner)

    I love how the class is arranged such that it begins from the bigger picture (ultimate goal and life goals) and narrowed down to daily to do list. It’s really helpful to understand what you want to have in your life and also keep your priorities right. One new skill I got is how to differentiate the daily schedule from the to do list.

    This class is especially helpful for people who are in the beginning of their self discovery, as well as those who needs to revisit the way they use their 24hours.

    I gave it a 4 out of 5 because I believe the first lesson (on finding your passion), on matching skills and interests – could be covered a bit more. I personally feel more guide there would be helpful.

    Other than that, this class is well developed and comprehensive.

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