Pen and Paper

People asked me about my ideas and where do they come from. I simply told them that my ideas come from anywhere, anyone, and at any time.

I find inspiration in anything that I can wrap my mind around. Our life experiences are full of inspirations and these inspirations are a goldmine of ideas. I believe we all have them. The difference between those who can harness these ideas into meaningful things and those who cannot is that those who can, usually write them down.

Therefore, it is always recommended to have a pen and paper wherever you go, because you don’t know when the next idea is going to pop up. But if you have a pen and paper handy, you will be ready to capture that idea when it catches you by surprise.

I am a bit traditional in that I prefer to use pen and paper over anything else. I like the sensation of writing things down. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the newer technology that I have in my hand.

I would sometimes use my phone as my “pen and paper” and fill it up with anything noteworthy, even if it doesn’t make much sense at the time. An idea is still an idea, even if it is a bad one. A bad idea doesn’t always have to remain bad, if you know how to refurnish it into a good one. So write anything and everything down.

Nowadays, I write notes mainly for three reasons: delivering talks, writing blog posts, and making videos. Ideas usually come in bits and pieces. Putting them all together in one coherent writing is not easy and there is no one particular time when I find it most effective to write. When it feels right, I will write.

Since I travel a lot, having something handy to write on will be very useful. Writing down ideas turns the abstract into something physical and comprehensible. Keeping ideas in your head doesn’t help. You might forget, loose track, mix it all up, etc.

Recently, someone loaned me this Samsung Tab 4 and since I have it with me, I wanted to see if it can be my “pen and paper”. I’ve been bringing it around with me everywhere I go. Though a phone is pretty fantastic, sometimes I might want to use a bigger paper.

This 7-inch tab is really useful. It is big enough for longer note takings, small enough to carry around, and light enough so that I don’t hurt my back carrying it.

Everyone needs to listen to music on the go right, with the 16gb micro sd card, I can store my favourite songs and listen to it on the go, whenever I’m out.

So as I was playing around with the tablet, I thought I’d try making a short video with it, and I did! In which I will share the video with you guys soon on my Instagram. Not only that, I found some online editing apps for the tablet as well that I used to edit that particular video. Stay tuned for the video to be up on my Instagram soon.

Point is, you find good use in whatever technology you have available in your hand. Technology is there to assist you in life, but it shouldn’t take away your life. As long as our ultimate purpose is clear, I think we will use whatever technology we have in accordance with that purpose.

Writing ideas down is for a greater purpose; you want to make something good out of them.


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