My Weird (but Awesome) Dream

Photo by Umar Mita

This is a dream I had.

Out of anger, I punched a guy’s face so hard that I might have cracked a few bones (hey relax, it’s a dream). I ran away because I was feeling guilty. He ran after me.

Oh, the suspense!

Maybe I was too slow because the guy caught up with me in the end. So, I gave in. Plus, I knew that I deserved the punishment. I told the guy to punch me back in the face, just as hard as I punched him.

I was scared, because I knew it was going to hurt badly. I closed my eyes and waited for the fist.

The guy just gave me a nudge, and he smiled.

That was it. He didn’t punch me back, even though in all honesty, I deserved that punch.

He forgave me instead.

I woke up, with tears down my cheeks.

14 thoughts on “My Weird (but Awesome) Dream”

  1. Nice entry. Abu Hurayrah narrated that Allaah's Apostle said: “The strong is not the one who overcomes people by use of his strength, rather he is the one who controls himself while in anger.” [Al-Bukhaari]

  2. Awesome. But to forgive ain't that easy when one feel badly hurt. Walaupun tak related, teringat kisah yg mana seorang lelaki datang kepada Rasulullah SAW sebelum baginda wafat. Ukasyah namanya. I bet you know the rest. (:

  3. Its like Allah use to do. Even when we feel like we did not deserve His forgiveness He always caught us back in His blessings. He's so sweet!

  4. Allah dgn sifat pemaaf.. walaupun kita slalu buat salah.. ulang2, tapi DIA selalu akan maafkan kita hamba-NYA

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