Lovely SMS (Ep. 2)

Ahmad: Lia, c’mon! We’re leaving.

Alia: I’m not in the mood. Couldn’t I just stay home?

Ahmad: Alone? I don’t think so. Besides, Abi wants everyone to go. It’s family time. What’s with the long face?

Alia didn’t respond. She keeps rubbing her phone, as if it was a magic lamp. Ahmad senses something is deeply wrong. He sits beside her.

Ahmad: Lia, what’s wrong?

Alia: Remember the time when you said something about sins being cheaper? I can’t get that out of my mind ever since. So I decided to have a talk with my boyfriend.

Ahmad wasn’t pleased to hear the word “boyfriend”, but he keeps his cool and listens to his sister intently.

Alia: I told him that what we’re doing is not right. It’s not like we didn’t know what is halal and what is haram. But, I don’t know. Maybe our hearts were making excuses, trying to justify this relationship and make it “halal” somehow.

Ahmad: What kind of excuses?

Alia: Well, it’s not like we were holding hands or went out on dates or anything like that. If I was to spend time with him, it’ll be in a study group. Sometimes we would grab a bit to eat with other friends, so that we won’t be alone. But deep down – deep deep down – I knew something wasn’t right. I kinda knew that I was just trying to find an excuse to spend more time with him. I kinda knew that the voice in my head was from Shaytan, who kept saying, “It’s fine! You’re doing nothing wrong.”

Ahmad: Okay, that was then. What about now?

Alia: After hearing what you said about sins and stuff, my heart started screaming; telling me to get out while I can. Pursue a halal relationship, like for real. So, we had the talk and I explained everything. But then he got mad at me. There was yelling, and stuff that shouldn’t be said came out, and I started crying, and…and…

Beads of tears start falling from her eyes.

Ahmad: Let me guess…he broke up with you?

Alia nods.

Alia: Why is it hard to find a good guy? Why? I mean, I like him a lot. He cared about me. Not to mention that he went to Islamic school. I was so sure that he’s a good guy, someone that I want to marry someday.

Ahmad gently wipes her tears.

Ahmad: So, you want to marry him huh?

Alia nods.

Ahmad: And you’re sure that he’ll make a good husband?

Alia nods again.

Ahmad: The same guy that agreed to make you his girlfriend, even though he knew better that it’s not the right thing to do?

Alia didn’t nod anymore. What he said strikes a chord.

Ahmad: Are you awake yet? Rise and shine kiddo!

Alia laughs.

Ummi: Ahmad! Lia! Let’s go!

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