The Own Your Life Community (formerly known as the 1FIFTY Community) is a positive support system for the youth, managed by Aiman Azlan, intended to help each other take ownership and responsibility over their lives by taking their own individual journeys towards their goals.

Our Principles

Be Together

We acknowledge the power of community and believe no one should be struggling alone. We are in this together.

Share Together

We provide positive social support for each other within a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Learn Together

We focus on progress, not perfection. We are only in an endless competition with ourselves and no one else.

Member Benefits

One-to-one call with Aiman Azlan

The best pathway to own your life is a personalized one. You get to have private calls with Aiman Azlan if you need to. He will listen to you one-to-one regarding any issue you would like to discuss pertaining to the challenges of owning your life.

Accepting and safe environment

One of the hallmarks of the community is positive space, where you are free to share your problems without the fear of being judged. Aiman Azlan made it one of his priorities to make the community safe and secure for all.

Our own little book club

Every month, we will dive into one book every month, and have a live discussion every month to share thoughts and lessons. Whether you read the book or not is not the point; you are still welcome in the discussion.

Free access to webinars

As one the members of Aiman Azlan Community, you get to access all Aiman Azlan's current and future webinars for free and they are all included in the community platform.

Sneak Peek

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