Book Notes: Simplicity Parenting | Chapter One: Why Simplify?

“Simplicity Parenting” by Kim John Payne

Chapter One: Why Simplify?

1. Kids are geniuses when it comes to observation of patterns. They know, just from observing our behaviours as parents, what are the things that the family hold dear. They can figure out, by themselves, the family values and the priorities set by the parents, intentionally or unintentionally and they are very much affected by them.

2. Childhood takes time and it requires it. It is a phase of foundation building of the self. Patience and constant reminders of what should matter more are required from the parents. They set the pattern for the family and the pace with which the family moves. What the parents value most is reflected in their lifestyle and behaviours; children will be directly affected by this. The children feed off of their parents.

3. It is never too late to reset our priorities and to reestablish better family values for the kids to learn moving forward. Human beings, at all levels of development, have certain levels of plasticity; they can change. To change to a more simpler life doesn’t simply means throw out all your things. It is more than that. To simplify life means to be content with enough, to be centered around things and people that matter most, and to allow room for natural and healthy individual development of self and self-development (especially for the child).

2 thoughts on “Book Notes: Simplicity Parenting | Chapter One: Why Simplify?”

  1. My pleasure to suggest to you another book about being a parent…or more likely being a Chinese parent in America. I was so amused as I read page by page of the book. Its quite contradict to western parenting pattern. And also theres huge debate about the book. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.
    Since you are a psychological student, perhaps this will catch your attention to view a multi n cross cultural parenting pattern. Regards 🙂
    Peace be upon you!

  2. I believe I have heard of the book before, but I can't pinpoint when and where. In any case, thank you for your recommendation. I will include the book on my wishlist.

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