Ultimate Taaruf Guide for 2020

1. Be Clear and Straightforward During this phase, I advise you to not discuss about feelings too much. Instead, focus more on your core values, your vision in marriage, your preparations to become a spouse and a parent, and the minimum criteria you are looking for in a partner. Keep it focuses on those essential things. If you want to know if the person is interested, just ask a direct question like, “I am in the process of searching for a partner in marriage and I would like to do taaruf with you for that reason. Are you interested?” If

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Confidence & Self-Worth

You Always Have a Choice

“But I don’t have a choice. I’m stuck!” Being stuck is not the same as having no choices. Being stuck simply means that you are torn between

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Love & Relationships

Invest in Your Family

I chose my family. An easy choice to make, right? But it is not always easy. Although we intellectually know that when it comes to choosing

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Morality & Spirituality
Education & Career
Community & Society

More women please

I am a professional public speaker. A motivator. That is my full time job. Since 2011, I spoke in hundreds of events and with thousands

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