An Eye Opener

Today, I learned about visual impairment in my Psychology class.

We watched a video about 3 individuals with different visual impairments.


The first individual was a kid named John.

He was blind from birth, but he was far from handicapped. He was an intelligent kid with big dreams. He wanted to be many things, among them were an astronaut, a dispatcher, and a newscaster.

One of John’s friends said something beautiful. She said, “Blind kids are normal, they just can’t see.”

I don’t know why, but what she said almost made me cry.


The second individual was a teenager named Kyle.

Due to a medical complication early in his life, the doctor had to perform a procedure that rendered him blind. But the doctor didn’t blind his abilities. Depending solely on his keen tactile sense and his ear for music, he could play the piano very well. On top of that, he had the dispositions of an actor and he was chosen to act in his school plays.


The third individual was a woman named Kristen.

She was not blind but her vision was greatly impaired. She had to make due with the residual vision that she had. Her overall vision was very blurry and her peripheral vision was almost nonexistent.

But she was not helpless. She too had big dreams. She worked as a lawyer.

A lawyer! (Mindblown)

Towards the end, she said, “To me, everyone is beautiful. I can’t see blemishes or wrinkles on their faces.”

3 incredible people.

Makes me think to myself, “God gave me functional eyes, but do I really see?”

11 thoughts on “An Eye Opener”

  1. Most of handicapped people are far more better than us. We are not blind but we make ourself blind and does not see (clearly) the ability which has been given and blessed to us.

  2. Ms Beh. She's fully blind. She's an English teacher. Teaching visual impairment students too. But she teaches them passionately. More then me who can see.

  3. Such amazing people MasyaAllah.

    Sometimes I think we tend to take things for granted because we don't really realize the countless blessings & nikmah Allah has granted us.

  4. kalam habib ali aljufri, mata kita ni sangat istimewa, kerna dengan mata inilah kita akan melihat Allah Insya Allah. Oleh sebab itulah, jagalah mata sebaik-baiknya

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