Aiman Azlan Academy

It has just come to my attention that I have been doing public speaking for about 4 years. I started off in 2011, while still being a university student at University of Toronto, Canada. The first invitation that I received was from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.

It didn’t occur to me back then that I’ll be turning what I thought was occasional talk invitations to an actual career. So began my journey traveling all over Malaysia and beyond (Singapore, Brunei, South Korea, and Australia) to speak to mainly to the university level audience about youth-related topics.

In my limited experience, more often than not I would come across a similar issue among many university students, especially Malaysian students. Like a pattern that I am seeing again and again, it seems to me that many of our university students lack confidence in themselves.

So I ask myself: how can I help? Once you have identified the problem, you immediately think of a solution. The thing is, you can only offer a solution that you yourself have. You can’t offer people what you don’t have.

The next question I ask is: what do I have to offer? I know I can speak in public and I am used to it by now. I also know that I can speak in English fairly well, for someone who doesn’t speak English as his first language.

So I guess this is what I am offering: the skill to speak. I can share with people, especially the youth, the two skills that I know: how to speak in English and how to speak in public. Through teaching people these two essential skills, I would like to instil in people a sense of confidence in themselves.

That is the intention that I have when I decided to start this small company: Aiman Azlan Academy. I am starting small and I am starting slow. Using talks, seminars, workshops, online livestreamings, and books as my main media, I want to reach out to as many individuals as I can.

Just like with vlogging on Youtube or writing a book, I am learning as I go along. I could wait until I am “perfect” but we all know better by now that is never going to get the ball rolling. So I am using the “just do it” philosophy and plan my way as I traverse slowly down this road towards my goal.

To be honest, I have procrastinated long enough.