When your life is over, who is going to answer for you when you stand in front of your Creator?

You, and only you.

Once we understand that basic idea, then we can begin our journey to own our life.

Owning our life doesn’t mean that we become rebellious and individualistic without a care about what others say or think of us. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that we outsource all our choices to the perception of others.

Owning our life means we are responsible for all our choice, the good and the bad.

About Aiman Azlan

Aiman Azlan is an all-rounded optimist, and a youth mentor.

In 2011, during his second year at University of Toronto, he made a Youtube video from his one-bedroom apartment. 

You can still find the video on his Youtube channel.

Little did he know that the video would be an opening for him to create a passionate career.

He discovered he can use his ability to speak, his understanding of psychology, and his online presence to inspire the youth.

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