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The Long Story

Since 2011, I've been engaging the local youth about various topics that are close to them. Over time, I realized that the theme of love and relationship keep popping up from the issues they share with me and the questions I get asked.

In 2013, I got married a month after graduation, with no stable job, no car, and no house. I defied many of the conventional requirements of marriage, and proved that there are other marriage preparations more important than money and materials.

We were 23 at the time.

In 2015, I pivoted to focus more and more on relationship issues. At the same time, I also grow in my own marriage with my lovely wife. It is a beautiful marriage of professional and personal mission.

In 2017, I decided to dive deeper by furthering my postgraduate studies in counseling and soon I will be licensed as a counselor, focused on marriage and family issues.

The goal? To create the first marriage and family counselling center here in Perlis, Malaysia where I live, by 2030.